A new addition in Aseer Education

Knowledge City schools are a new addition to the education of the Asir region

Education for your future

Smart classes and modern technologies make the student capable of creativity and excellence

Scientific reference library

Knowledge City schools provide a library of scientific references to develop the student's mind in a quiet place with modern colors that are comfortable to look at

Modern and equipped laboratories

Knowledge City schools are equipped with modern science laboratories equipped with the latest teaching aids in a safe environment for conducting scientific experiments

Computer labs

Knowledge City schools are interested in modern e-learning and have laboratories with a high degree of readiness to keep pace with technical developments


Kindergarten at Knowledge City schools is equipped with distinctive display methods that attract the attention of the child and make him fun and loving the educational process.

Basket ball hall

Knowledge City schools are interested in sports talents at the time the school established modern, high-quality playgrounds.

Football fields

Equipping football fields with high specifications, standards and quality in order to preserve the safety of our students.

about schools

Knowledge City schools offer an educational curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education, keeping pace with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia represented by the Education and Training Evaluation Authority. Knowledge City schools have also obtained other international accreditations, in which Islamic studies,

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