We are pleased to welcome you, our partners and customers of the Knowledge City Schools in Asir Region, one of the branches of the Knowledge City Educational Company, which specializes in managing educational institutions, developing and operating educational services.

Knowledge City believes that human capital is the true wealth of nations and is most beneficial to investment and development. In light of a great homeland and ambitious leadership, Knowledge City seeks to be a partner in building the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 by preparing a promising future for our students by investing their minds and abilities and optimally employing their talents and skills.

And with the increasing scientific acceleration and the abundance of sources of science and knowledge and the diversity of its fields and sources, the necessity comes to change the traditional concept of the school as a place to receive information, to become an institution for human industry, building society and promoting intellectual and cultural awareness, in addition to making available the means of learning and knowledge to students and enabling them primarily to learn and support them to achieve their ability to acquire the required knowledge.

Knowledge City is keen to provide all its services in a pioneering and modern manner, using its experience of more than twenty years in the field of operating and managing educational institutions and its extensive relations with educational institutions around the world and international organizations to improve the quality of education, adopting concepts of continuous improvement and measuring efficiency as a reference for improving educational outcomes continuously by building An integrated system to provide knowledge based on its educational environment, its educational study program, and its knowledge-skill program, down to the means of learning and its capabilities, adopting the latest findings of learning methodology experts in the strategies of “knowledge empowerment”.

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